Slovenian Presidency: make it or break it


Even if its slogan – “Together. Resilient. Europe.” – evokes the idea of unity, the Slovenian EU Presidency promises to be complicated and challenging.

This is mostly due to the conservative prime minister Janez Janša and the links between his politics and those of Hungary and Poland in undermining the rule of law and the democratic values in EU.

Janša and Orbán are close allies and meet regularly to deepen Slovenian-Hungarian relations.

The populist Janša has also been accused of putting media freedom at risk.

Meanwhile, in his inauguration speech, the Slovenian PM reassured member states, focusing on issues such as the implementation of the European recovery plan, the fight against Covid and the strengthening of the process of enlargement of the European Union to the Western Balkans.

Janša’s program will be tested in the next six months and in this issue of NEU we will try to focus the challenges facing his Presidency.

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