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The EISMEA agency has launched a call promoting inter-urban, transnational and interregional cooperation to strengthen the green transition of local SMEs through local green deals and to support local social economy ecosystems, in particular SMEs. This cooperation aims to build the capacities of all EU regions and cities to enable them to build coherent solutions at local level in two main fields, paving the way for more resilient local economies and communities.

Foreseen actions can cover 2 topics (a project can only adress one topic).


This topic will support projects promoting transnational and cross-border cooperation between local administrations and local businesses with the scope to:

  • co-create, co-design and implement local green agreements;
  • provide support to SMEs and regional and local economic operators to drive the twin green and digital transition and implement actions aimed at orienting the economy, create new jobs, mitigate the socio-economic impact of the COVID-19 crisis and accelerate a new, greener and fairer recovery.

Local green deals must be consistent with the Green of the European, with the European Industrial Strategy, the Climate Change Adaptation Strategy the European Climate Pact, the “From Field to Fork” Strategy and the 2030 Climate Goals Plan.

Possible themes (non-exhaustive list)

  • innovative and collaborative models for the green transformation of companies and SMEs
  • Green infrastructure
  • Sustainable local value chains
  • Green and social procurement

Project proposals must be submitted by partnerships of at least 3 partners (maximum 10) composed as follows: at least 2 local public administrations (municipalities or cities) of 2 different eligible States and at least 1 business organization (SME association, social enterprise organization, chamber of commerce.) relevant to this topic.

Network or umbrella organisations, SME organisations, social economy organisations or enterprises, civil society organisations, local urban development and innovation agencies, technology centres and service providers, digital innovation hubs, science parks, industrial districts, educational institutions, educational or vocational training organisations may also be part of the consortium.


This topic funds projects building resilience and increasing the capacity of regional or local public administrations, social economy SMEs and civil society to overcome difficulties and crises, through transnational and interregional peer learning and collaboration in the field of the social economy, the development of local social economy action plans and the formulation of potentially recommendations replicable in Europe.

Possible themes (non-exhaustive list)

  1. Improving the business environment and supporting sustainable business models based on the social economy
  2. Green and digital transition through the social economy at regional and local level
  3. Education, training and skills for the development of the social economy ecosystem
  4. Social transformation through the new European Bauhaus

Project proposals must be submitted by partnerships of at least 4 partners (maximum 10) composed as follows: at least 3 local public administrations (regions, municipalities or cities) from 3 different eligible States and at least 1 business-related organisation, such as an organisation or association of SMEs, a social enterprise organisation, a chamber of commerce, etc. relevant to this topic.

The total budget of the call amounts to 4,000,000 euros, equally divided between the two topics.

Projects must have a maximum budget of 200,000 euros.

Deadline for submission is 24 November 2021

Further information on the call and the official document for submission is available at the following link

Written by: Margherita Genua

Submitted on: 24.09.2021.

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