The new European politics generation: the consequences of Germans elections for Germany, Europe and the world”


Angela Merkel, Germany’s longest-serving chancellor, is nearing the end of her term of office after 16 years at the helm of the country, years in which Germany and Europe have faced many economic and social crises. Germany has always come out of these crises with excellent results, measurable through its promising economic performance. Four Merkel governments, which have almost always seen an alliance between the CDU and SPD, have made it possible to launch policies and reforms to reduce the social gap, especially among the Lander belonging territorially to the former East Germany, and to strengthen the German industrial machine. The recent Covid-19 pandemic, and the Merkel government’s reaction to it, were the latest proof of good governance and resilience of the country’s system, which will be among the first to recover pre-pandemic economic levels. What does the future of Germany and of the politics looks like, at German and EU level from now on?

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