Spanish EU Presidency: advancing the pact on migration and asylum 


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As Spain assumes the EU presidency, it is committed to addressing the challenges of migration flows with a humane, responsible, and effective approach. In line with the Spanish EU Presidency Programme, Spain’s presidency prioritizes completing the Pact on Migration and Asylum, ensuring fair distribution, collaboration with partners, and the protection of borders. With a focus on Home Affairs, Spain aims to make Europe safer, stronger, and more united, while emphasizing the external dimension of migration and comprehensive policies that address medium- and long-term challenges.

Spain’s presidency places a high priority on concluding the negotiations on the Pact on Migration and Asylum. The goal is to achieve a comprehensive framework that ensures the humane, orderly, and responsible management of migration flows within the EU. Spain will work towards striking a balance between solidarity and responsibility, guaranteeing a fair distribution of responsibilities among member states.

By collaborating with partners and equipping the external dimension of migration with sufficient resources, Spain aims to protect the EU’s borders while providing a better future for those seeking refuge within the EU. The external dimension of migration is a fundamental priority for Spain’s presidency. It aims to foster preventive collaboration with countries of origin and transit through political, operational, and economic cooperation. By engaging in tangible partnerships, Spain seeks to address the root causes of migration and reduce irregular flows.

This approach ensures a holistic strategy that tackles migration challenges comprehensively. Spain advocates for a comprehensive approach to migration that goes beyond addressing irregular flows. It believes in granting safe, orderly, and regular migration greater space in EU debates and on the agenda. Spain recognizes the importance of designing a migration policy that can effectively respond to economic and demographic challenges in the medium and long term.

To achieve this, Spain’s presidency focuses on two proposals for Directives on legal migration, which aim to streamline procedures, protect migrant workers, strengthen their migratory status, and facilitate intra-EU mobility for long-term residents. These measures contribute to attracting talent, meeting labor needs, and improving labor market effectiveness throughout the European Union.

Spain’s presidency remains committed to providing support and protection to individuals displaced by Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. It pledges to continue this support as long as they wish to remain abroad and until it is safe for them to return. The presidency will also promote a debate on challenges faced by those already admitted, including extending their Temporary Protection and developing future legal frameworks for their residency after Temporary Protection expires. By addressing these issues, Spain aims to ensure the well-being and security of displaced persons while fostering a sustainable and comprehensive approach to their integration.

Spain’s EU presidency is dedicated to advancing the Pact on Migration and Asylum, establishing responsible, effective, and collaborative management of migration flows. By focusing on fair distribution, external cooperation, and protection of the EU’s borders, Spain aims to strike a balance between solidarity and responsibility.

Written by: Nenad Stekić

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