On time, through themes


The structure and the idea of our newsletter has become now clearer and more interactive. Our main goal remains to inform you in depth about what has been crucial in the last two weeks for the EU policies.

From the last issue, being loyal to our promise not to spam your mail boxes, you find only the initial part of every article in the current NEU number, and you can click on the articles you prefer for a full reading directly on our website.

This is a way to facilitate you and your choice for the field of your interest. In this way we hope you can enjoy and know more about the themes we cover, always with the maximum of expertise we have.

An example is this number, where you will have the chance to read excellent analysis regarding the concept of structural reforms, missing unaccompanied minors and smart housing, just to mention some of them. Of course there is much more, including our special section for the EU calls, richer than ever.

NEU wants to be a tool for you. To be on time, through themes.

Damiano De Rosa
Chief editor – NEU

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